Homeschool Cooperative

The St. Nicholas Homeschool Cooperative supports the families of Holy Trinity Orthodox Church who have chosen to homeschool their children.   We also invite a small number of other Christian homeschooling families to join us and enrich us by their presence.

St. Nicholas Homeschool Cooperative blends inspiration from Charlotte Mason’s educational philosophy with our efforts to form and mature children in the Christian faith.  Our ultimate purpose is to form the mind, illumine the heart, and train the senses to love and serve God and to attain unto the Kingdom of Heaven.   Thus all educational pursuits, even as the lay the groundwork for a successful life, are fundamentally ordered toward a higher reality.  A balanced Christian education will help the student delight in the manifold wonders of God’s creation while learning to present themselves as true worshipers in the presence of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, the Trinity, one in essence and undivided.

Regarding the Charlotte Mason approach, it is not required that co-op parents use that approach at home, but it is the method that all cooperate with when meeting together.

The co-op meets twice monthly, once for a field trip day or natural history day, and once for an academic day. On the academic day, the schedule includes prayer, Christian storybook read-aloud with the pastor, music appreciation, literature, nature study, etc.

We gladly invite the participation of other Christian families.   Participation assumes such things as belief in Christ as Lord and Savior, the affirmation of the Holy Trinity (one God in three Persons), as well as the affirmation of traditional Christian morality regarding such things as sexuality and marriage.

If you are interested in participating, please contact the co-op coordinator, Jennifer Glasgow, using the form below.