Epistle to Diognetus for an Election Day

It is Mid-Term Election Day in the United States.  Hopefully, we each will have done our best to form our consciences, consider the various issues, and vote in a manner both well-formed and well-informed.   Whatever the results of the day’s polling, some will be pleased and some will be disappointed.  The Epistle to Diognetus, usually … Read more

Chrysostom on St. Ignatius of Antioch

On the holy martyr Saint Ignatius, the god-bearer, archbishop of Antioch the great, who was carried off to Rome, and there suffered martyrdom, and thence was conveyed back again to Antioch.By St. John Chrysostom1. Sumptuous and splendid entertainers give frequent and constant entertainments, alike to display their own wealth, and to show good-will to their … Read more

One Cannot Be Anything More Than a Christian: A Conversation with Fr. Gabriel Bunge

What does it mean to be a Christian? What is a real monk? Can monasticism be reformed? For whom were the works of the Holy Fathers written? Schema-Archimandrite Gabriel (Bunge), renowned patristic scholar and hermitic monk, replies to these and other questions. (This interview originally appeared at Pravmir.ru) Fr. Gabriel Bunge was born in 1940 … Read more