Story of Christmas: An Animated Icon

Enjoy this animated version of Christmas story as found in the traditional Nativity Icon, drawn here by Bonnie Gilles, matched with the Byzantine chant version of the Kontakion of the Nativity (composed by St. Romanos the Melodist in the 6th century), as sung by Fr. Apostolos Hill. Parents: Watch it with your children and discuss in your own … Read more

Unless the Lord Comes to Us: Advent Reflections

By Virginia Nieuwsma “Unless the Lord comes to us, we are completely helpless.” –St. Maximos, Greek ascetic, the 4th Century It is November 16 as I write this. My mailbox is now brimming every day with glossy catalogs proclaiming the virtues of the triumphant, capitalistic existence of comfort and indulgence that we have all imbibed … Read more